The Experienced branding, marketing and consultancy team that will take your business to a new high

THC-A is a full service Hemp and Cannabis branding and Marketing Agency

The South African legal marijuana market will be worth an estimated R27 billion by 2023. THC-A’s purpose, to take the hemp and cannabis industry in the African Continent and uplift businesses through branding and marketing and take them to a new high. We will be South Africa’s premier full-service brand and marketing agency, purely dedicated to the hemp and cannabis space. 

We are looking to partner with companies and individuals who share our vision, to destigmatise hemp and cannabis, while educating the masses through strong, well planned and executed marketing strategies. Through this, we will help those who want to break ground in this dynamic new industry. 

Why Work With Us


  • Community over the industry.

  • Cannabis brands need to be the best marketers, given all the constraints that exist.

  • Our aim, to relabel Hemp and Cannabis as a viable source of natural medicine and product, that can be an income generator for South Africans.

THC-A is the first-of-its-kind full-service branding, marketing, consulting and compliance Hemp & Cannabis agency on the African continent.

Our belief is that the most significant brands have not yet been brought to market, and they will rise from the African continent. We can’t wait to help build them up. We believe that most robust brands will win the race to success in Hemp and Cannabis.

We are so committed that we offer free workshops where we discuss businesses and how they can expand and grow, click here to book.

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