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About Us

Cannabis produces THCA, to transform to THC, it requires an external resource, mainly heat to change its structure. When there is an economic market change, such as legalisation, it will affect your business, and you will need to adapt to the market to grow with the change. THC-A is in a unique position where we see and analyse trends before they happen, this makes us the perfect partner that can ignite your business to the next high and place you ahead of your competitors.

THC-A is set up by its founders, Angela and Didier, out of the passion that they have towards the hemp and cannabis industry and the change it could bring to our country. With a combined 35 years Marketing, Design and Branding experience, from corporate and agency levels, their vision with this full-service cannabis branding, marketing and consulting agency, is to dedicate their services and insight into the hemp and cannabis industry and its products and services. THC-A is looking to partner with companies who share their vision of reinventing an industry that has been unfairly stigmatised for decades.

Let’s just say…We love what we do.

With a growing team, our defining edge is in our ability to forecast market trends, allowing us to position your brands ahead of the curve. When strategising, we encourage our clients to look ten steps ahead and to lead trends rather than follow them.

THC-A Leader

Hailing from over 20 years in branding, heading up no less that 2 international design firms. Angela is here to light the fire in brands and take them to the next high.


Branding Beast, obscura perfectionist, industry disruptor!

Swimming through the technical ranks when “Internet” was still a swear word. Managing technical departments and heading up teams and running support structures for the last 35 years.


IT Specialist and Web Designer

Tertia comes from a long history of financial instatutions. Managing the small business sector for 35 years when money was something you still held in a wallet.


Financial guru. Business infrastructure.

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