Your brand is probably one of the most critical assets (besides your team) for your business. Purchasers resonate with your values, story and message to market. This will make your team and product your best marketing team.

You think you have a brand and you now want to send it into the world to live out its destiny. Helping you do this in an impactful way is one of our biggest passions. What differentiates a successful brand from its peers in a quickly saturated market? The answer is the purpose. THC-A builds purpose-driven brands. When your brand has a purpose that the audience resonates with, you won’t build customers, you will build loyalty. We work with you to discover the core essence of your business, create compelling messaging that is complimented with design and products that set you apart from your competitors.

Even though the South African Hemp and the Cannabis industry is a young market segment, it has deep roots. We will work closely to find out what drives your brand, values, target audience, competitors and personality, then build a meaningful brand that is both powerful and compelling.

Yes, we can design beautiful logos, but behind every design is a strategy that is crafted toward long term sustainability and customer loyalty. We understand the unique terrain of the South African and African hemp and the cannabis industry and help you build a brand strategy that speaks directly to the motivating influences of your target customers.

If you’re starting a new brand, launching new products or rebranding your cannabis business, our talented team is ready to strategise and create with you.

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