“Cheap Logo” Design vs “Expensive Logo”

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Let me first ask you the following questions; 

  • What is your business worth to you?
  • What is your product worth?
  • Would you compromise on quality ingredients?

If you are building a brand, then these are some serious questions that you must ask yourself. The answer to these questions is what will make your Brand. Now let’s get personal, a customer walks through the door and asks you to lower your price;

  1. They ask for half price. Would you do it? 
  2. Would you feel like the person doesn’t think that your products are worth the price, even if they are?
  3. You say outright NO?

Doesn’t it make your blood rise, after you are trying to run a sustainable business, right? Remember, any designer worth its salt will need time to design you a Logo. If your Logo is priced ridiculously low, it will become more expensive further down the line. Remember, you will get what you pay for.

Let’s look at the difference between “cheap logo” vs a more “expensive logo”.

We have placed the words “cheap logo” and “expensive logo” in brackets because we believe that cheaper may actually be more expensive if you are building a brand.

Any design done for your business such as Logo, packaging, brochures, website and ads are investments in your Brand and an asset for your business. The way your Brand looks feels and communicates can significantly impact on your bottom line and your Brand.

“Cheap Logo” Design;

Logo design of any kind has its place in the business world, even “cheap logo” design. Let set up two cases.

Scenario 1

Meet John, the local dealer, he is turning his business into a legit small business and decides to open a CBD health shop with a social club in the town he lives. He is happy with his current clientele and has no desire to grow this business or open more shops. This is the perfect client for a “cheap logo”.  

Scenario 2

Meet Sue, she has created a range of CBD beauty products and her ambition to open 20 stores within the next 2-years, she has big ballsy plans. She has to build a brand to draw in clients, and this requires a lot of brand positioning (showing the Logo and telling her business story). She has to apply the Logo on multiple items, such as her first storefront, invoices, shirts, caps, packaging, advertising online and print as well as a website. Sue decides on a “cheap logo”. At first, she is happy, she made a considerable saving and has a logo that looks okay. 

She soon realises, buying a “cheap logo”, is what it is, just a logo. She spends a lot of money on the store signage, t-shirts, caps, packaging and a whole bunch of ads to create brand awareness with the Logo. When everything arrived, she realises that nothing matches, the signage is the wrong colour, the packaging is inconsistent, the T-shirts came out a mess, and the caps don’t look anywhere close to what she was expecting.  

Okay, I may be exaggerating a little, but this is a true story. One of my retail clients, West Pack Lifestyle, started with a single store, when the son took over the running of the business, they decided to franchise the Brand, Their business suddenly grew from one store to 28 and now 52 stores. They came to realise that there was no consistency in the Logo or Brand, each store signage seemed significantly different, instore communication was done differently from store to store. All of a sudden, the “cheap Logo” suddenly became a shit load more expensive. As an agency, we came in and assisted them with cleaning up the Logo and creating a brand manual which includes the corporate identity guidelines.

Let’s look at the “expensive logo.”

Here are two examples of rebranding, please don’t get a fright on budgets mentioned we would not expect you as a business to spend this kind of cost unless you have branches across Africa. 

Pick n Pay rebranded in 2007 after 40 years, the estimated total branding cost was R110-million. The Logo design cost, including the Brand manual, for the branding agency, would have been an estimated 10 to 20% of the R110-million. The additional millions were spent on rolling out the Brand such as store interiors, point of sale, signage, apparel and various other items. 

For those that already have launched a Brand, you may ask, is there any value in rebranding? When ABSA rebranded, there was a massive outcry from the creative community. But the agency did something right because ABSA contributes their market growth, especially into Africa to the new Brand. Note that I have been using the word Brand and not Logo. This is where the “Expensive” logo price comes in. 

In Japan, there is a long-standing tradition of beautiful business cards, exquisitely crafted and always handed over with both hands. The Japanese believe that this is the first introduction to their company’s Brand. The same can be said about a Logo. Your Logo introduces your Brand to the world, it is essential when presented, that it’s done consistent accurate, no matter in whichever format it is displayed.

It is essential to allocate enough budget for your business to build the Brand. As an agency, we always work with our clients and also work out payment options to assist you in meeting your goals.   

The process of creating a logo. 

Startups, expect this question, what are your long-term ambitions? 

Existing business, consider why do you want to rebrand?

Regardless of which one you are, we would need to find out all the ins and outs of your business, including the underwear (just kidding about the last part).

Our first priority would be to find out who your competitors are and what their Brand stands for and looks like. A bit harder for the Hemp and Cannabis industry in South Africa, since most still play in the dark. We would also research the global market competitors as they may pose a risk if they decide to seek a market position on the African continent.

Competitors can give your business a lot of insight, such as market position, customers base and personas, strengths and weaknesses, and what makes you and them stand out. This can also help you find your corner in the market.

Your Logo will be given a personality with unique characteristics. Kinda like describing your perfect date. 

Then, drawing, playing, designing and creating start. We create a whole bunch of logos, we narrow the logos down to a selection that we present to our client. 

The client may choose one or make some changes before making the final presentation selection. 

The following rules apply when choosing a logo:

  • Is it Memorable?
  • Is it Simple?
  • Is it Versatile?
  • Is it Appropriate?
  • Is it Timeless?
  • Once the client decides on a logo, the technical work starts when we create a corporate identity (CI) guideline. You will send this document to any supplier that may be producing items with your Logos for your business.

What you may see in small business CI guidelines:

  • What the Logo look likes and which colour it can be used in.
  • The Colour breakdown. 
  • How much space must be around Logo?
  • If there is a strapline (company slogan), how and where it is used.
  • Corporate fonts (typeface).
  • Additional colours if applicable.
  • Startup/small business CI guidelines are straightforward, that’s why these cost substantially less to that of larger companies. 
  • Larger companies have a lot more details and may have sub-division that need to be taken into account, this requires a more comprehensive CI manual.

In conclusion. 

If you are looking for a “cheap logo”, any designer or brand agency can assist you, just make sure that you spend enough to create something that can grow.

If you have you have big plans for your business, you will need to ask the following questions:

  •  Can a brand be built on this Logo?
  •  Can you trademark both the image and name? A critical question, you will need to protect the Brand as it grows.
  •  Is it memorable?  
  •  Will it last?
  •  Does it represent your Brand?

Please let me know if this was helpful for you and your business at info@thc-a.co.za

With our +20 years of branding experience and successes in branding various markets such as Agriculture, Retail and Niche markets for businesses small and large. We can help you with your Logo, but we love to help you build a brand and grow your business. angela@thc-a.co.za

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