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On 24 September 2020, Dave from “Grow Budz” & Jordan “Green Smoke Room” launched their joined venture “Green Grow Room”.

I first met Dave when my wife went to visit him at his home in Edenvale. Over time we bumped into Dave at markets, and he even came to one of my workshops, where we shared some insight, told some truths and developed self-growth. So how did Dave make it from selling from home to opening a store in 2-years?

Even though Dave has been hustling the Grow Budz brand for 2-years, taking it from a backyard to a storage unit shop, to his store, he has been in the game a lot longer. He started growing when he was 14 and has been fine-tuning his knowledge for many years. He started with the markets, and where most people are on the market to sell products, Dave always said that he was only there to create awareness and to market his brand if he did sell something it was a bonus. In his laidback manner, you would find him talking to people, share knowledge and growing his network. It was during this time that Dave jumped in with both feet, quit his job and decided that he was going to give it 200%.

Most entrepreneurs will tell you that when you work for yourself, it is not easy, and there are times where you wonder how you are going to pay the bills. It is getting up at 6:30 every morning working till late evenings, keeping on hustling when everyone goes home, to the pub for a beer or to mates for a smoke.

In Daves own words, he would wake up; look at his day and make sure that he spends every minute to its fullest. If he was not seeing clients, he was phoning them. If something needed to be done, he would get into it and make it happen.

The store was a hive of activity, here’s Jordan helping out the team

One of the most important lessons all entrepreneurs had to learn, Dave, Jordan, as well as myself is when it comes to employing people. We all start with the intention that we want to bring along friends and family in our business, and most of the time, it does not work. Something about the dynamic makes it go south, and it seldom works out. I believe it is because as the owner of the business, the needs of the company comes first, and relationships during working hours are no longer personal but professional, friend and family do not draw that line. I know from Joran when I first met him, and we chatted, that he had to make changes in his business when he decided he wanted to grow. Dave also had to make some tough calls.

This brings me to the JV between Dave and Jordan; they did not jump into a JV, both Dave and Jordan kept track of each others business’. They and kept an eye on how each other and their business’ were operating for about two years. When Jordan and Dave first spoke about a possible partnership, Dave went to go and talk to his granddad. His granddad gave him the ultimate advice; he told Dave to look at this as a courtship before committing. If you ask Dave today, he would say that Grow Budz and Green Smoke Room were dating and courting each other for nearly two years and then committed to a partnership. Only when they both were satisfied how each of them operated, they got together and made it happen.

Some customers came in on launch day, and yes they did buy!

Dave and Jordan launched the Green Grow Room officially on 24 September 2020. The shop is not big, but it has a relaxed atmosphere, Dave, in his true fashion, is still sharing his insights and tips and taking the time to make sure that you are looked after. The shop is right next door to the Green Smoke Room, which makes it an ideal shopping experience. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned grower, it is worth the visit. Ask Dave about the rooftop club. 3rd
Floor Grant Ave Mews.
117 William Road, Norwood, Johannesburg
+27 79 884 8637

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