Cannabis Coffee shop in the heart of Randburg

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Last Saturday afternoon I popped in at the opening of the “Coffee To Grow”. A new coffee shop that opened in Randburg. Situated in the more industrial part off Malibongwe Drive, it has the retro casual minimalistic vibe. If you are looking to launch something in the Canna or Hemp industry this might be a cool place to do it.

On first sight, it looked a bit like going to a family reunion, with boards games, punching bags and bicycles, plenty to keep you entertained. I was a bit confused about where to place my order for coffee, but that was soon replaced with a warm welcome. I seated myself at one of the tables and check out the place. I found the atmosphere chilled, and the coffee well priced and yes, this included a variety of infused coffees. At first, I was a little disappointed that there was no espresso machine, but that was soon replaced with a lekker smile when I took a sip of my plunger coffee, delicious.

If you are looking for a fancy meal, this is not the place for you. The menu consists of burgers and sandwiches, well… at least the one on the ground floor 😉. The top floor menu has a member menu and you will have to become a club member.

As with all most startups, there were some teething problems, like when I ordered a breakfast bun and got a cheeseburger, good thing I like meat; I was however not disappointed, it was yummy 😋. I believe that in the next couple of weeks the team will be more organised, but if you have a problem, the team is approachable if you got the wrong order.

The big question, will I go back? The answer is yes, and if you live around or if you are visiting Jozi, drop in and have a look for yourself.

Thank you for your warm welcome and see you soon.

Check their site
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