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Our Workshops

Round table group discussion

Join our one of our Free workshops, these are between 3-4 hours per workshop. Our workshops are in an open format, where a variety of business participates in one discussion group. We do, however, limited the group to 10 to 15 people at the time to offer value.

We believe that the Hemp and Cannabis industry is big enough for everyone, that is why we offer these free workshops for everyone in or interested in the Hemp and Cannabis industries. This way if you cannot afford to partner with us right now, you will still walk away with insight that can be implemented in your business to help you grow. At this time our round table discussion will be held in Johannesburg free of charge, sadly for other regions, there will be a small charge to cover essential costs such as travel and accommodation.

Critical points that we will cover during our workshop on a broader spectrum is on defining your brand.

We look at the following.

  • What do you stand for?

  • What is your value in the market?

  • How are you different, memorable, and recognisable (your USP)?

  • Do you have a story to tell?

  • How will you be able to reach a new audience?

  • Is your current audience right for your brand and/or product?

  • How do you foster interaction and engagement?

THC-A is set up by its founders, Angela and Didier, out of the passion that they have towards the hemp and cannabis industry and the change it could bring to our country. With a combined 35 years Marketing, Design and Branding experience, from corporate and agency levels, their vision with this full-service cannabis branding, marketing and consulting agency, is to dedicate their services and insight into the hemp and cannabis industry and its products and services. THC-A is looking to partner with companies who share their vision of reinventing an industry that has been unfairly stigmatised for decades.

Let’s just say…We love what we do.

With a growing team, our defining edge is in our ability to forecast market trends, allowing us to position your brands ahead of the curve. When strategising, we encourage our clients to look ten steps ahead and to lead trends rather than follow them.




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We are offering a free round table discussion answer question on how to tale your business to the next high. We will give you insight on international trends. The seats are limited, fill in the form below please book in time. 

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